Fashion and design

Fashion and design features the best of the fashion, style, and designers. Information about famous designers, clothes, accessories, textile and clothes manufacturers, fashion photographers, publications, and other subjects. Pages are constantly updated and new sections added when relevant. Everyday we read them to know the latest news about the fashion trend.
Recently we’ll celebrate an important anniversary: Fashion and Design .At the time we woTiffany and coding uld do an extensive search of the web for fashion sites and share our work to every one who interests in it.So let’s do it .
Maintaining a web of this size without resources is extremely difficult. With the assistance of the fashion houses we hope to update all the pages dedicated to them in time online.
After presenting the Fashion and Design section online, we would find more other sections incluLinks of London Necklaces
 Shopping, Wine and Food, and Travel and Fun. In this Fashion section the most important fashion names are listed in the section “Fashion Houses.” A page is dedicated to each name and includes contact information, a brief history of the house, a photograph of the designer when it’s a “name” house, and three photographs showing the style of the house. The Manufacturers, Accessories, and Beachwear and Lingerie sections list theTiffany jewelry names and contacts for the most important companies in those categories.
I do believe the result would help people to know more about the fashion section.

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