gentleman’s suit

A gentleman would wear a cloak and a hat. There were a number of cloak styles: short Dutch cloaks, Spanish cloaks, and French cloaks . Cloaks were commonly worn over one shoulder . Cloak ties and clasps are rarely seen, and draping the cloak rakishly and keeping it from falling off must have been an important social skill. Cloaks sometimes had hanging sleeves attached, which makes it hard to tell the different between them and a coat or cassock. The cassock was a loose-fitting, hip-length garment with sleeves, sometimes open sides, that was usually put on over the head. A loose coat of this kind was popular with sailors. The Tiffany Rings flat, beret-like cap that was worn most of this century is going out of style, and the tall-crowned, flat-top hat is now the height of fashion. It is often worn with a feather or decorative hatband.
Boots were worn for riding, but shoes were considered appropriate for indoors. Heels are just coming into fashion. The trendy shoe is cut with a tongue and has side-lachets fastened over the instep with a bow. Slashed slipper-like shoes are going out of fashion.
Men wore beards almTiffany co  ost universally, cut in different styles — the “van dyke”-like style, spade, square, “pique-devant”, etc. Moustaches were not worn alone. Hair has been quite close cropped for the last few decades, but is starting to get longer.
Remember that a working man has looked a lot the same for a hundred years. Peasants could still be found wearing “joined hose”  with a codpiece, or straight, loose trousers falling to mid-calf, with a loose cTiffany Bracelets oat over their shirt hanging to mid-thigh, and belted with a bit of cord. The effect is very medieval-looking.
As a gentleman,you first make yourself feel tidy and inspirable,which would give you great encourage to carry on.

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