Girls in Tech: Social Fashion and Beauty Summit

On Thursday, I attended the Girls In Tech, Fashion & Beauty Summit with my bosses Marsha Benaron & the latest addition to the 1928 Jewelry crew, Sonia White. Marsha, Sonia & I were there to support Macala.

Macala, our Interactive Marketing Tiffany JewelleryDirector, was a panelist on discussion of women who used social marketing to promote and build brand awareness for their companies online.

The conversation was amazing and included:
A brief synopsis: Social Marketing is what a company makes it. A fashion brand must consciously engage perspective Tiffany jewelry customers online, they must add value to the forum and social sites that they participate in on a constant basis otherwise they will not reap the full rewards of social media. The top five things that all brandsTiffany and co  sould learn about are Twitter, Facebook, Viral Video (YouTube), Blogging & White Hat SEO. For more information, you can read.

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