Streamy Beauty Deserves Major Awards

The Streamy Awards are like the Oscars or Emmys of the Internet. The Streamys honored excellence in Web Television across 24 creative categories, from acting and directing, to editing and special effects.

Web 2.0 effects how all  Tiffany Rings brands engage their customers and including retail. Because of this, 1928 Jewelry was the official jewelry sponsor of broadcast personalities Shira Lazar (CBS/Fox/ABC), Laurie Percival (LALAWag), Anaiis Flox (OmgOmgOmfg), Michelle De Forest (NextNewNetworks) & Amanda Coolong (TechZulu). Female nominees alTiffany Necklaces so received statement necklaces from the 1928 Boutique collection.

The convergence of traditional & online news media is no different than the convergence of these twoTiffany Necklaces  elements in Fashion & Retail. 1928 Jewelry is committed to being at the forefront this marriage. And making sure the iconic, pioneering women shine.

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